Guest Lecturer - Glenn Morphew - October 23, 2019


Lecture Time

The LECTURE begins at 7:30

Guests:  $15 @ door

Glenn Morphew's


Don't Miss it!

Glenn’s lecture is jam packed with strong, entertaining  magic that  is amazing  to  see and  fun to perform.  


  • A Six Phase Finger Ring Routine  (Visually stunning. Entertaining. Always with you)
  • E=mc² (The trick Glenn was booked to Perform on Penn and Teller "Fool Us") 
  • 4 Magic Moves (Winner of the “Fool Them” contest at Magi-Fest 2016)
  • Glenn's Favorite  Card Set (He paid $500 for the rights to teach you the closer!) 
  • It’s the Rules (Bob Sheets’ Killer Dice Routine with a new kicker ending)
  • Glenn’s 3 Shell Game Routine... (And you thought you knew how the shell game worked)
  • Learn  Glenn's handling and presentation for Richard Sanders "Extreme Burn." It has 3 changes!
  • The Alien Ring (Killer. Entertaining. A Ring and Rope routine with 11 magic moments-that just flows ) 
  • Weight-Trix (3-D Chink-a-Chink Style routine with 11 magic moments. You have to see it to believe it)
  • Plus... Get tips on Practicing, Scripting, Creating sets, breaking in new material, Palming secrets and more! 

Click here for Glenn's website


  "Glenn Morphew's lecture  had 6 full length, fully detailed, professional caliber, mind-blowing, audience tested, practical and angle proof routines you can perform anywhere- with no gimmicks." – Jack Carpenter 

 "Glenn's lecture was the highlight of the 2018 Buffalo 52 Get-Together. His smooth handling and his charming performing style make him a rare gem."  – Dan Block

"Glenn Morphew does one of the finest lectures I have ever seen." --Tom Gagnon

"I’ve been hosting the lectures in Dallas for over 10 years. I would rank  Glenn Morphew’s  among  the  best I’ve had." -Mark Jensen, Past President TAOM

"I have hosted magic lectures in Tulsa, OK for the last 35 years and  I have been honored to have some of the top magicians in the world, of which  Glenn Morphew is one. He demonstrated the best palming of a playing card I have ever witnessed." -Steve Lancaster Tulsa, OK

"When you combine Glenn Morphew's  level of clever with his gentlemanly demeanor and incredibly natural sleight of hand, you have someone worth learning from."  – Lance Pierce

"Now that's the way magic is supposed to look!!!" -Daryl